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Want to feel young again? There’s no “get young quick” formula or magic pill that will do the job. It takes a complete lifestyle change to reverse the aging process. Dr. Corey Mote, a chiropractic physician and professional bodybuilder, tells you how in his book Staying Young.

Whatever your age, you can look and feel younger than you do today. Reading this book is the first step to educating yourself about how to do so with careful treatment of not only your body but also your mind and spirit. Dr. Mote covers a broad spectrum of topics, including nutrition, exercise, skin care, hormone therapy, positive health habits, and more. It’s up to you to do the heavy lifting, but he guides you along the way.

Dr. Mote, winner of the 2010 Fitness Britain bodybuilding championship and second runner-up for the 2011 Fitness Universe Title, has been published in more than two hundred fitness magazines worldwide. He gets straight to the point in this easy-to-read guide about how to look, feel, think, and act younger.