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Core Strengthening Exercises

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Many overlook the importance of core strengthening. While everyone wants the supermodel body – chiseled abs and a statuesque rump – the benefits of a strong core reach far beyond human aesthetics. And you don’t have to purchase high-priced equipment or join a gym to achieve core fitness.

Focused core strengthening is used to train muscles in the hips, abdomen, lower back and buttocks. With a stronger core, you can boost your balance and stability, resulting in better physical performance on and off the field for athletes, as well as have better eronomics and performance of daily activities.

Targeted abdominal exercises, combined with aerobic training, is the right combination to tone your abs. Aerobic activity burns abdominal fat while core exercises will strengthen the underlying muscles. Concentrated effort on strengthening one’s core will also improve posture and balance, flexibility, and decrease or prevent back strains.

Common core exercises include crunches, planks, and side bridges, but any exercise that uses the trunk of your body without the support of extremities qualifies. Here are my suggested core strengthening exercises to include in your fitness routine.




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